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“Unlearn Everything – Life as an English Teacher in China” is the mammoth memoir of Ashley Brown, an Australian who taught in China for nearly a decade (from 2006 to 2015), which will be published soon.

Over the eight and a half years he was in China, he was planted in Wuhan for two and a half, and then Nanjing for around six. He taught at many universities, private schools, and even kindergartens; he had the best job he’ll probably ever have in his life; he learned the language, cultures and attitudes of a race previously completely unknown to him; and he travelled to many, many places in this vast, vast country, from the obvious metropolises of Shanghai and Beijing, to tiny rural areas which even many Chinese people haven’t heard of .

During all this time, he wrote about everything he saw, everyone he met, and everything he learned. He reckons that this book will be an entertaining, informative and hilarious read for anyone thinking of teaching in China. The education system there is very, very different – he found this out the hard way. Read his book and find out the easy way, and get a bunch of laughs thrown in.