Welcome to the most inspiring website about China that you’ll find for many minutes

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Thinking of teaching in China? Neither was I!!

But sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions…

Let’s get down to business…

What’s this?
– It’s a website with photos and excerpts from an upcoming book, “Unlearn Everything – Life as an English Teacher in China”, the epic memoir of Ashley Brown, an Australian who totally accidentally joined the vast number of people who planned to be teaching in China for a year, but ended up being there for nearly a decade (from 2006 to 2015).

Who should read this?
– Firstly, anyone thinking of teaching in China, especially Australians, because it’s full of Australian humour, attitude, and sarcasm, as well as information that’s sure to make your life much easier. Secondly, anyone at all interested in discovering the language, history, culture, lifestyles, and attitudes of Chinese people. Ashley did a lot of travelling – he didn’t just stay in Shanghai for eight years.

What will I get out of reading this?
– By reading these stories, you’ll get laughs galore, a typical Aussie’s guide to the highs and lows of the education system in China, cultural insights by the bucketload (including the language, written and spoken), a guided tour of some of the more obscure destinations in China you could end up in, and meet hundreds of eclectic characters on the way.

As Hunter S. Thompson said, “buy the ticket, take the ride”.





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